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Triple Point Ruled Surface

The March 1997 cover of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society featured this image from "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" [Link]. A version of "Triple-Point Twist", it is rotated slightly to fit the vertical space available on the cover of that journal.

The description of the cover that appeared in the issue was:

"It is possible to deform a plane in three-space into a ruled surface containing one triple point and two pinch points using equations (x,y3-cy,xy+y5-cy3), as described in the work of David Mond and Washington Marar. This rendering was produced at the Geometry Center by Thomas Banchoff of Brown University and Davide Cervone of Union College. It was included in the show 'Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension' at the Providence Art Club in march 1996. For more information about this image, see http://www.geom.umn.edu/locate/tfb/art/.''

The address listed in the caption is still active, but very slow. It is better to go to the art show's current home [Link] instead.

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