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Mathematical Artwork

Select an image below to see a larger version together with an explanation of the work.
[Z-squared necklace]
Z-Squared Necklace
In- and Outside the Torus
Exponential Tetraview
Virtual Art Gallery
[Alem3D Cover]
Para além da Terceira
: Gallery Book
[Alem3D Pamphlet]
Para além da Terceira
: Gallery List
[Iced Cubes]
Iced Cubes
[Rotation of Cubes]
A Rotation of Cubes
Images of Funchal
Math Awareness Month 2000
Math Spans
All Dimensions
[Z-Squared Crescent]
Z-Squared Crescent
[Triple Point]
Triple Point Ruled Surface
MathDL Home Page
JOMA Home Page
[MAA Mailing]
Cusps of Gauss Mappings
[MAA Mailing]
MAA Decals
[Metallic Wave]
Metallic Wave
The Two-Piece Property
[Klein Bottle]
Glass Klein Bottle
Artwork from
"Beyond the Third Dimension"
[Twin Peaks]
Twin Peaks
[AHSME Award]
AHSME 50th Anniversary
[Nott Torus]
Nott Torus
[Minerva Torus]
Minerva Torus
NYJM Animated Logo
NCTM Animated Logo
Rotating Hypercube

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