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[Z-Squared Crescent]


Z-Squared Crescent

The November 1996 cover of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society featured this image from "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" [Link]. A version of "Z-Squared Necklace", it is rotated to fit the vertical space available on the cover of the journal.

The description of the cover that appeared in the issue was:

"It is possible to maintain threefold symmetry for the projection of the graph of the complex squaring function into a family of planes, starting at the unit disk (at the lower left) and ending at the conjugate of its square. Lifting those mappings into three-space gives a very symmetric sequence of projections of the Riemann surface of the squaring function. This image sequence was produced at the Geometry Center by Thomas Banchoff from Brown University and Davide Cervone from Union College. For more information on the deformations, see the prototype of 'Communications in Visual mathematics' at the location http://www.geom.umn.edu/locate/journal/."

The article to which it refers is no longer linked into the prototype, as it was never completed, but it is still available in its incomplete state [Link].

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