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Math Spans All Dimensions

The first full-color cover of the MAA publication, Focus, advertised Math Awareness Month 2000 using the central cone image from the MAM2000 poster [Link], and including a reference to the electronic version on the web. The events leading up to using the image on this cover are discussed more fully in the article "Math Awareness Month 2000: An Interactive Experience" [Skip] that appears in the publications list.

The issue included the following description of the cover:

"The first ever four-color cover of FOCUS depicts a portion of the paper version of the poster for Math Awareness Month, April 2000. To see the 'real' interactive electronic version of the poster, go to http://mam2000.mathforum.com. The concept and design of the poster are due to Tom Banchoff of Brown University and Davide Cervone of Union College, copyright Thomas Banchoff Productions."

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