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The MathDL Home Page

The Mathematical Sciences Digital Library project is an important initiative by the MAA to take a leading role in evaluating and presenting mathematical resources that are available electronically. Encouraged, in part, by the ideas underlying the creation of the journal Communications in Visual Mathematics (CVM) [Link], of which I was a founding editor, the MathDL project is looking to investigate the use of multimedia and non-linear methods in communicating mathematics; indeed, now that its grant has ended, the CVM project is being incorporated into the MathDL.

The home page for MathDL [Link] currently features an image from the virtual art gallery, "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" [Link], which has served in the past as the icon for the CVM on the MAA web site [Link]. This icon is based on "Z-Cubed Necklace" from that exhibit.

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