Exercises for Chaos Under Control

Chapter 9: Some Call it Life

In this set of exercises "1DIM," "2DIM," and "LIFE" refer to Options in the Cellebration Program.

In Cellular Automata, we investigate some basic behaviors of one- and two-dimensional cellular automata.

In Outer Totalistic Rules, we study the class of cellular automata where evolution depends only on the number, not the position, of live cells. Even this very restricted class has surprises.

In The Game of Life, we study the most famous two-dimensional cellular automaotn, John Conway's "Game of Life."

In How Can Automata Behave?, we investigate Wolfram classes and Langton's lambda parameter, two early tools for classifying the behavior of cellular automata.

In Life, Sandpiles, and 1/f Noise, we study "self-organized criticality."

In Neural Networks, we explore some simple dynamics of learning networks.

In Artificial Life, we look at digital worlds.

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