Exercises for Chaos Under Control

Chapter 7: Benoit's World

In this set of exercises "MICRO," "ORBIT," and "JULIA" refer to Options in the WaitingForMandelbro Program.

In A Transporter Machine, we get some practice applying the Mandelbrot iteration rules. Along the way, we discover a symmetry property of the Mandelbrot set.

In A Quick Tour of the Mandelbrot Set, we begin to find visual signatures of some features of the Mandelbrot set.

In Some Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set, we continue the previous section, uncovering the ordering of the periodic features of the Mandelbrot set.

In Julia Sets, we study some properties of Julia sets and see how they are related to the Mandelbrot set.

In Recoding the Logistic Map, we derive some properties of compex arithmetic and with these relate the Mandelbrot iteration scheme to a complex version of the logistic map.

In A Gift to be Simple, we desconstruct the difference between simplicity and complexity.

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