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Hypercube Rotation

This is one of the animations created for Math 53, Visualizing the Fourth Dimension. Over the course of the term, I created several dozen movie clips that illustrate various aspects of objects in four dimensions (primarily the hypercube). These, together with short explanations, are part of the Math 53 web site [Link] available to students after we go over them in class. They form an integral part of the material of the course, and are praised by the students as a source of insight. Versions of some of these movies were developed originally when the course was offered for the first time in 1999, and they became the foundation for the supporting materials for the new images "Iced Cubes" and "A Rotation of Cubes" that were commissioned for the traveling exhibit "Para Além da Terceira Dimensão" [Link]. They were updated and enhanced during the most recent offering of the course, in the spring of 2001.

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Created: 08 Sep 2001
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