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[Iced Cubes]

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Iced Cubes

This is one of two new pieces commissioned by José Fransisco Rodrigues for "Para Além da Terceira Dimensão" [Link]. It mirrors the layout and color scheme of the "Z-Cubed Necklace" so as to complement the artwork already in the exhibit. The subject is a slicing sequence for the hypercube: the five grey planes show 2-dimensional shadows of a 3-dimensional cube being sliced by planes parallel to the cube's long diagonal (i.e., the slices go from corner to corner); above each is the corresponding 3-dimensional shadow of a hypercube being sliced by hyperplanes parallel to its long diagonal.

More description, including movie sequences, is available from the exhibit's web site [Link], and on the CD that is part of the gallery book. The materials that appear there are based on ones developed for my Math 53 course in the spring of 1999, and were updated for this exhibit. In turn, they were further refined for Math 53 in the spring of 2001; you can view the results in the "Selected Course Notes" section of the web site for that course.

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