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Images of Funchal

These photographs were taken while the traveling exhibit was visiting the University of Madeira at Funchal, Portugal, in November of 2000. In the upper left, we see the exhibit area in the lobby of the science complex just before the official opening. A group of students are discussing the exhibit with a professor at the left, and other visitors are beginning to arrive. At the upper right, several students are viewing the exhibit, and you can see "Math Horizon" in the background. At the center left we see two of the free-standing displays, each having a large image together with its explanation in both English and Portuguese; here we see "Triple Point Twist" and "Z-Cubed Tetraview''. The center right shows students clustered around one of the computers showing the web site or the exhibit; it is not clear in this image, but they are rotating an interactive version of the Klein bottle using a VRML viewer. At the lower left is a view of another display, this time of "The Klein Bottle"; behind it, you can see the screen for a video display that was continually running a sequence of animations from the show. Finally, the lower right shows Tom Banchoff next to the "Z-Cubed Tetraview".

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