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Math Awareness Month 2000

This poster was commissioned by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics to help celebrate Math Awareness Month in April of 2000, and was sent to colleges and high schools around the country that spring. A second printing was requested by the National Committee for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and 140,000 copies were mailed to their members. The size of the actual poster was 17'11".

The poster is not just a printed document, but also an interactive electronic document on the web [skip]. A description of this idea, and the design process involved in developing it, are the subject of the paper "Math Awareness Month 2000: An Interactive Experience" [Skip] that appears in my publications list. This project also is discussed in my research statement [Link].

This project was a joint work with Tom Banchoff. We developed the basic design and the parameterization of the central cone during an afternoon visit of Banchoff to Union College in the fall of 1999. He contacted the various people who appear on the poster and arranged for their participation, while I did the actual layout of the poster, including final placement, color and font selection, and so on.

For the electronic version, Banchoff wrote most of the text, and I handled the design and implementation issues, including making the movies and images, formatting the pages, coordinating the links, and designing the site organization and layout. More complete details can be found in the paper cited above.

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