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Minerva Torus

When the Mathematics Department was preparing its documentation for our departmental external review in the winter of 2000, they asked me to come up with a cover illustration for the report. The result was the Minerva Torus shown here, based on the idea originally used in Nott Torus, but this time using the College seal wrapped around a torus. In this case, however, the mapping of the image onto the torus has changed. Here, we use a conformal mapping (a mapping with a special property that helps to preserve the shape of the seal), so that there is less distortion of the image as is passes through the hole of the torus. Note how in Nott Torus the image of the building is stretched vertically as it passes through the center of the torus, while in Minerva Torus the seal gets smaller buts stays basically the same shape.

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Created: 08 Sep 2001
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