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The document you are reading is made up of many separate, but interlinked, pages of text and graphics. The icons at the bottom of each document help you to navigate among these pages.

Many words in this set of documents are linked to additional information, either in the form of glossary pages, or other explanations. The icon "" is used at the end of a sentence or paragraph to indicate that more information is available about the topic just introduced. Click on the icon to view that information.

The following icons may appear at the bottom of a page:

This icon moves you forward to the next page in the document. A description of the next document may appear after the button. If you press this button, you will be taken to the page described. Usually, this is the next thing you want to look at after the current page. Sometimes there are several pages you can choose from.

This icon move you backward to a document that links to this one. A description of that document may appear after the button. Sometimes several pages link to this one; in this case, either the most important one is shown, or there may be several of these buttons.

This icon takes you up to a major topic that encompasses the current document. A description of that topic may appear after the button. This is usually a larger "jump" than the back arrow button, and is intended for when you are tired of the current major topic and want to start reading about something else.

This icon takes you to the table of contents. This provides entry points to most subjects, and lists them by topic.

This icon takes you to the alphabetical index of topics. This provides entry points to most subjects, and lists them alphabetically by topic or keyword.

This icon takes you to the glossary of terms. This is an alphabetical listing of terms which you can click on to get their definitions. Often there will be links from the definition to parts of the text that pertain to that term. Within the body of the text, there may be links to the glossary.

This icon takes you to a form that allows you to send mail to the author. If your WWW viewer supports interactive forms, you can use this to send comments, questions and suggestions to the author.

This icon takes you to the main help page, which you are currently reading.

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