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The AMSsymbols Extension

The standard fonts that are used with jsMath don't include the AMS symbols that are available with the AmSTeX file formats. The extra-fonts download page includes the msam10 and msbm10 fonts, which contain most of the AMS symbols, so these can be obtained within jsMath.

To make it easier to access these characters, the AMSsymbols extension defines the control sequences for inserting these symbols into your documents. For example, \boxplus is defined to produce a plus with a square box around it, just as it is in the AmSTeX formats. Because these fonts are not a standard part of jsMath, however, these control sequences are not defined by default.

If you are using the easy/load.js file, add "extensions/AMSsymbols.js" to the loadFiles array

    loadFiles: ["extensions/AMSsymbols.js"],
in order to active the AMSsymbols extension. If you are using the autoload plugin instead if easy/load.js, you can set the jsMath.Autoload.loadFiles array to include "extensions/AMSsymbols.js" in order to have the extension loaded automatically when jsMath is needed.

If you are loading jsMath.js by hand rather than using easy/load.js or the autoload plugin, then include the command

in your HTML file after loading jsMath. Alternatively, you can use
    <SPAN CLASS="math">
to load the AMS extensions from within your typeset mathematics itself.

Note that the AMSsymbols extension does not load the AMS fonts until the first symbol is needed from the font, so it is not inefficient to load the extension even on pages where the AMS symbols may not be needed. In addition to loading the extension in your HTML page, you must also download and install the msam10 and msbm10 fonts from the extra-fonts download page; without these, the extension will not operate properly. Note, however, that you should not load these fonts explicitly yourself (i.e., don't add them to the loadFonts array in your easy/load.js file); the AMSsymbols plugin will take care of loading them for you.

See the symbols table for a complete list of symbols that are made available by this extension.

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