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Extra Fonts

If you are reading a web page that requires additional fonts, simply download the required .ttf file below and install it (see the jsMath fonts page for more details), then restart your browser. Note that you only need to download ONE version of the ttf file for each font. PC users will probably prefer the darker version, and Mac users the lighter one.

If you are an author wishing to write pages that use these fonts, download both the .zip and .ttf files, and read the instructions for authors on the adding extra fonts page. If you are using the spriteImageFonts plugin, get the .zip file ending in -sprite, otherwise, download the non-sprite version. You only need to download one unless you are maintaining a site that uses both formats. Note that the contents of the -sprite archives should be placed in the jsMath/fonts-sprite directory, while the contents of the other archive should go into the jsMath/fonts directory on your server.

Font tableTTF file (choose one)ZIP file (authors only)What it is
bbold10 jsMath-bbold10.ttf
light / dark
bbold10.zip (1.2MB)
bbold10-sprite.zip (408KB)
Blackboard bold font
cmbsy10 jsMath-cmbsy10.ttf
light / dark
cmbsy10.zip (1.4MB)
cmbsy10-sprite.zip (568KB)
CM bold math symbols
cmmib10 jsMath-cmmib10.ttf
light / dark
cmmib10.zip (1.2MB)
cmmib10-sprite.zip (522KB)
CM bold math italics
cmss10 jsMath-cmss10.ttf
light / dark
cmss10.zip (1.2MB)
cmss10-sprite.zip (324KB)
CM sans-serif font
eufb10 jsMath-eufb10.ttf
light / dark
eufb10.zip (1MB)
eufb10-sprite.zip (440KB)
AMS Fractur bold font
eufm10 jsMath-eufm10.ttf
light / dark
eufm10.zip (876KB)
eufm10-sprite.zip (392KB)
AMS Fractur font
eurb10 jsMath-eurb10.ttf
light / dark
eurb10.zip (1.2MB)
eurb10-sprite.zip (496KB)
AMS Greek bold font
eurm10 jsMath-eurm10.ttf
light / dark
eurm10.zip (1MB)
eurm10-sprite.zip (464KB)
AMS Greek font
eusb10 jsMath-eusb10.ttf
light / dark
eusb10.zip (466KB)
eusb10-sprite.zip (236KB)
AMS caligraphic bold font
eusm10 jsMath-eusm10.ttf
light / dark
eusm10.zip (404KB)
eusm10-sprite.zip (216KB)
AMS caligraphic font
lasy10 jsMath-lasy10.ttf
light / dark
lasy10.zip (160KB)
lasy10-sprite.zip (72KB)
LaTeX symbol font
lasyb10 jsMath-lasyb10.ttf
light / dark
lasyb10.zip (168KB)
lasyb10-sprite.zip (84KB)
LaTeX bold symbol font
msam10 jsMath-lasy10.ttf
light / dark
msam10.zip (1.1MB)
msam10-sprite.zip (468KB)
AMS math symbol font A
msbm10 jsMath-msbm10.ttf
light / dark
msbm10.zip (1.2MB)
msbm10-sprite.zip (608KB)
AMS math symbol font B
rsfs10 jsMath-rsfs10.ttf
light / dark
rsfs10.zip (373KB)
rsfs10-sprite.zip (196KB)
Formal script font
stmary10 jsMath-stmary10.ttf
light / dark
stmary10.zip (1.3MB)
stmary10-sprite.zip (484KB)
St Mary's Road symbol font
wasy10 jsMath-wasy10.ttf
light / dark
wasy10.zip (1.3MB)
wasy10-sprite.zip (596KB)
Math, physics, astronomy font
wasyb10 jsMath-wasyb10.ttf
light / dark
wasyb10.zip (1.4MB)
wasyb10-sprite.zip (664KB)
Math, physics, astronomy bold font

Users who don't install the ttf font will still be able to see the fonts on your pages, as they will use image mode automatically (even if the native fonts are used for the standard fonts). The user can still request the unicode version, however, but the support for that is not very good. In particular, the fallback unicode mappings are not browser-specific, so some browsers may not show the correct characters (these are dependent on what unicode fonts the reader has available on his or her system). In some cases, a similar standard TeX font is substituted if the actual font is not available.

These ttf files use a non-standard encoding specifically for jsMath. This encoding was designed to work well in all browsers, but is not set up to be particularly useful outside of jsMath. If you are using the .ttf fonts in an application other than jsMath, these versions may not work well. For this reason, the font file names are all prefixed by "jsMath-" so that they will not conflict with other versinos of these fonts that you might have installed on your system.

If you want to use a font not listed here, you may be able to create the necessary files yourself. See the author's documentation for making your own jsMath fonts.

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