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Brown U. MA29, Spring 1992, Student Reviews:

Intermediate Calculus

Total Enrollment: 17   Respondents: 14
Frosh: 10   Sophs: 4   Jrs: 1   Srs: 2   Others: 0
Concentrators: 2   Non-Concentrators: 8   Don't Know: 2
Course Format: lecture


Mathematics 29, "Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations," with Professor Cervone covers topics similar to those covered in Mathematics 18: three-dimensional analytic geometry and differential equations. The prerequisite is Mathematics 10, and it can't be taken in addition to Mathematics 18 or 35. The course is helpful to economics and science majors. The methods of thinking involved are applicable to many practical situations.

Enthusiastic, clear, concise, and helpful aptly describe Professor Cervone. He received high marks from respondents in virtually all areas of teaching. One criticism was that he occasionally went through the material too quickly. He did leave his explanations on the board, so this problem was not a major one. He was most highly regarded in the areas of enthusiasm and organization which made the class a positive experience. Professor Cervone found the students to be genuinely interested in the material.

The class met three times a week for an hour-long session. The weekly homework sets were challenging, yet reasonable. Two or three hours were spent on the average assignment, but some respondents took up to eight. Examinations consisted of a mid-term and a final. The mid-term was very challenging so proper preparations is a must.

Class members found the course to be very worthwhile. It gave students an excellent understanding of calculus and a genuine appreciation for mathematics. The professor noted that the abstract thinking required in the course could be applied to many situations, making the course a very practical one. One improvement that respondents would appreciate is a section with a TA for assistance in clarifying material. The fast-paced nature of the course was a criticism of some students.

Professor Cervone does an outstanding job in educating his students. Mathematics 29 is a challenging and interesting course which should be considered by any student wishing to learn about the mathematical world.

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