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Brown U. MA10, Fall 1991, Student Reviews:

Introductory Calculus, Part II

Total Enrollment: 29   Respondents: 23
Frosh: 27   Sophs: 2   Jrs: 0   Srs: 0   Others: 0
Concentrators: 1   Non-Concentrators: 19   Don't Know: 3
Course Format: lecture with section


Math 10 "Introductory Calculus, Part II," is designed for students who have had previous exposure to calculus. As a follow-up to Math 9, this course includes: applications and techniques of integration, infinite series, power series, Taylor's formula, polar coordinates, parametric equations and more. Professor Cervone's goal for the class was to change the way students approached math problems. The only prerequisite was Math 9 or placement.

Overall, Professor Cervone received great reviews. He was enthusiastic and definitely capable. His lectures were clear and well-organized. His logical method of explaining mathematical concepts was clearly a plus. Most importantly, Processor Cervone was willing to digress and actually take time to explain the subject. He often fell behind because he made sure that all his students kept up. He also encouraged class participation, a trait rarely seen in a math class. Students from other Math 10 sections were seen to have been sitting in on Professor Cervone's class due to his competency. His handouts and practice exams were also very helpful. Students only criticized his fast-paced speaking.

The workload for this course was fairly difficult. Students spent 2-4 hours on the weekly homework. On the whole, they felt well-prepared for the exams (two midterms and a final).

Most of the survey respondents agreed that they got a great deal out of this course. They came out of it with a better understanding of calculus. For some, Processor Cervone also sparked an interest in math that remained latent for years. There was a mixed response to the sections which met once a week. Some students termed them tedious, others thought they were useful. A popular suggestion for improvement was to slow the course down.

Overall, Math 10 with Professor Cervone is a good choice for those interested in a capable teacher. He makes the course as painless as possible, enabling students to comprehend calculus.

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