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Course Text Philosophy:

Since our work will center around close readings of the texts we are studying, it is crucial that you do the reading before coming to class. The assignments for the term are listed on the course calendar, and should be completed on the day they are listed. Your participation is important to the class (and will count for part of your grade), and you will not be able to participate if you didn't do the reading.

In our class discussions, we will be looking at details within the texts, so you need to bring your books with you. Since we will refer to particular pages in the book, it is important that we all use the same edition of the book, so that our page numbers are the same. So you should get the copy that the bookstore is selling, and not use an older copy unless it is the same version.

As you read each assignment, you should make notes to yourself (either in the book itself, or on separate sheets) about things you think you might want to bring up in class. In your arguments in class, you should be prepared to cite specific passages, and should be able to locate them quickly, so make sure you have page numbers to help you find the phrases you are referring to.

For purposes of close reading, you will find that a single reading frequently is not sufficient. Often, you will want to do the reading once to get the "big picture", and then reread portions, with hindsight, to find the details and connections that we will need for our discussions in class. Probably, you are not used to reading that way, so it is something you will need to be more conscious of as you work with these texts. I have tried to keep the readings short enough to allow you to go back over parts that you think are important, or even the whole thing, so don't fall for the trap of thinking that you can do the assignment in an hour or two of straight reading. You will not be prepared for class if you do.

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