Guarini's optical illusion is depicted through the inverted triangles that outline the six hexagonal layers. By decreasing the heights between each hexagon layer, Guarini created a dome that appears to recede farther up into space than it actually does. In distorting the triangles, to maintain a height of 1.70 cm between each layer, the same visual effect is produced.

The new triangle layers are created in the same way as the original triangle layers, but using the new radii and heights. After placing these new triangle layers into the distorted cone the image created remains the same as the image Guarini created. This is assuming the individual is standing directly below the dome because the image created depends on the specific position the viewer is located. This distortion can be seen in one of the animations.

Optical Illusion & Projection in Domes: A Study of Guarino Guarini's Santissima Sindone