These movies are in two different forms, animated GIF and MPEG. The animated GIF format should play in most browsers without requiring special software, but it is more limited in terms of controlling the movie. The MPEG format is more versatile, but requires you to download a player or plugin if you don't already have one. Some players are listed on netscape's plugin page.

This animation depicts the cone moving from its original shape to the distorted shape. This shape is seen if Guarini had kept all of the heights between triangle layers equal instead of decreasing them.

This animation first shows the view of the six hexagon layers seen when looking up into the dome that Guarini created. Then, the image rotates to a side view and the layers are distorted by making the heights between the triangle layers equal. The movie then rotates the six layers after they have been distorted to show that the view of the hexagon layers is the same after the distortion.

This is a movie of the skeletal model rotating in space.

This is a movie of the simplified model rotating in space and zooming in on the interior of the model.

Optical Illusion & Projection in Domes: A Study of Guarino Guarini's Santissima Sindone