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[In and Outside the Torus]

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In- and Outside the Torus

This image shows a Clifford torus on the 3-sphere in four-space projected stereographically into three-space from a point that lies on the torus itself. Thus the torus seems to extend to infinity. The torus separates the 3-sphere into two congruent solid tori that meet along their boundaries (the Clifford torus itself). These two solid tori are projected to two congruent and infinite regions in three-space, one of them containing the viewer. Bands on the Clifford torus have been removed to make it possible to see some of the interior structure of the object.

My role here, as with the other works, was to work out the technical details of the piece; in this case, the parameterization, the number of bands to use, the coloration, and the viewpoint.

More information about the mathematics behind this image, including several animations, is available at the art show web site [Link].

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Created: 08 Sep 2001
Last modified: Jan 6, 2002 10:37:15 PM
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