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A Virtual Art Gallery

These screen snapshots show the virtual art gallery "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" originally created after the closing of the physical exhibit at the Providence Art Club (PAC) in April of 1996. A visitor to the virtual show is presented with a view of the Dodge House gallery of the PAC (left), and can click on any wall to get a view like the one at the right. From there, he or she can navigate to other walls by clicking on the left or right, or can click on a picture on the wall to get a page that contains a larger view and links to information about the image and the mathematics behind it. Often, there are animations with explanations that are designed to help the interested viewer explore the subject more fully.

Of the twelve images in the original show, eight were ones that I had produced with Tom Banchoff while I was at the Geometry Center of the University of Minnesota; the other four were developed by Banchoff with his students at Brown University. I developed the web site entirely on my own, based on photographs of the show supplied by Banchoff (I did not have the opportunity to view the original physical exhibit myself).

This virtual experience was the inspiration for the traveling exhibit, "Para Além da Terceira Dimensão" [Link], which is described more fully in my research statement [Link], and in the article "A virtual reconstruction of a virtual exhibit" [Skip] that appears in my publication list. The new exhibition also has an associated web site [Link] that incorporates much of the material from the original site, in both English and Portuguese, as well as some new material prepared by me.

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