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[AHSEM 50th Anniversary Award]


AHSME 50th Anniversary

This work was commissioned by Walter E. Mienka, executive director of American Mathematics Competitions, in the Fall of 1998 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the American Hish School Mathematics Exam. Copies of this award were given to the top scorers that year. The golden color and the five-fold symmetry were chosen to represent the 50 years. This piece is modeled after the "Z-Squared Necklace" and "Z-Cubed Necklace" that appear as part of the virtual art exhibit, "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension" [Link]. In this case, the complex fourth-power is used to generate the images.

A joint work with Tom Banchoff, my role here was to develop several versions of the award, based on our previous works, and on the suggested function. Tom and Walter then selected the final version from among these.

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