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Teaching Experience:

9/96- Union College: Assistant/Associate Professor.
Responsible for all aspects of courses taught; supervised senior thesis projects. See the materials from verious courses for more information.
Received Stillman Prize for teaching in 2002-03.
9/94-5/95 University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program: Instructor.
Developed curriculum and computer-based lab materials for third-semester calculus, and taught the course.
6/93-7/93 A Running Start, Brown University: Lead Instructor.
Developed curriculum and lab materials for an intensive exploratory mathematics course for advanced high-school students, and taught the course.
Assistant Instructor for a similar course, 5/92-6/92.
9/90-5/92 Brown University: Instructor, second- and third-semester calculus (4 semesters).
10/91-5/93 St. Joseph's Church, Providence, R.I.: Teacher, 7th and 8th grade Sunday school.
9/84-7/88 University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.: User Services VAX/VMS consultant.
Taught minicourses, answered end-user questions, wrote documentation.

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