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Gallery of jsMath in Use

If you use jsMath to present mathematics on your own web pages, send me the URL and I will link it here as an example of jsMath in use.

MathsNet An on-line A-level mathematics information site. This has tons of information, interactive drill and practice, and worked problems for the student studying for A-level exams. It uses applets, JavaScript and multi-media technologies to help the student learn the material.
Introduction to Computational Physics This text by Franz J. Vesely of the University of vienna makes extensive use of jsMath for its mathematical notation.
The cold atom micromaser This is a short paper that describes the physics of a micro-maser, or one-atom maser by John Martin.
Fonctions d'Airy en mécanique quantique This is a short paper (in French) that describes the physic of a particle in a gravitational field, by John Martin.
Reynold's Transport Theorem This is a one-page document giving a proof of Reynold's transport theorem.
Alpheccar's blog A French-language blog on science and freedom that has incorporated jsMath. For example, see the pages on chaos and constructivism and Galois connections.
Differential Geometry A site that uses TiddlyWiki to discuss the differential geometry used in physics. For example, see the pages on exponentiation, basis vectors, and the volume form.
Road Sign Math The motto of this site is "Driving + Math = Fun", and it includes pictures of roadsigns whose numeric values combine to form equations or important mathematical constants. Readers send in their own pictures and compete for the the honor of being displayed on the site.
Thai Math Center This is a mathematics web board in the Thai language that has incorporated jsMath into the software that handles the message board. See in particular the discussion of displaying math on the web board, and a sample topic that includes mathematics in the discussion.
Cauchy Example This page used jsMath and a Geometer's Sketchpad applet to illustrate some mathematics, but it is in Greek, so I don't know exactly what it is. Here is another page about the chain rule.
Big bang modelling This description of the big bang and cosmology uses jsMath to typeset some (but not all) of its mathematics.
+FQ na rede This is a Spanish-language site based on TiddlyWiki that uses jsMath to display chemical reaction equations. (Try the March 8, 2006 entry.)
InfoPedia This Italian-language site uses jsMath on its mathematics and computer science pages. See for example the one on linear equations.
Dimensional Analysis This is a page from a physics course by Dr. Tim Niiler that uses jsMath.
UW-ACE Paul Kates seems to be incorporating jsMath into web pages and on-line testing facilities at the University of Waterloo. See the links available after pressing "continue" at this on-line course.
LiteMat The Math Department at Linköpings University (Sweden) is using jsMath to display mathematics in their on-line announcements.
Mephi-33 The Moscow Engineering Physical Institute runs a (Russian-language) forum using phpBB for their mathematical software in engineering program. See this example page and another example page.
tttan This is a Chinese-language bulletin board that uses jsMath (see this example page). I don't know what it is all about, but it looks like fun.
PukiWiki This is a Japanese-language bulletin board based on PukiWiki that uses jsMath (see this example page).
OJB This is another Thai-language bulletin board, listing "synopsis, discussion, and exchange for academic literature" as its mission.
Math E-Book Another Thai language site that uses jsMath. This one seems to have an associated electronic math text. Some of the webboard pages seem to use jsMath.
WeBWorK This is an open-source on-line homework delivery system that uses jsMath as one choice for viewing the mathematical equation in the problems it assigns. The student can control which viewing option he or she wishes to use.
Moodle This is an open-source course-management tool that has a module that allows students to enter mathematics using TeX notation within their discussions. The module can use jsMath as a means of rendering those equations.
LON-CAPA The Learning Online Network with CAPA is an open-source distributed-learning content-management and assessment system. It has incorporated jsMath as one of its methods of displaying mathematics. (See the LON-CAPA mailing list for details.)
TiddlyWiki Bob McElrath has created a jsMath plugin for TiddlyWiki, a non-linear web notebook system. This makes it easy to include jsMath in your own pages, and several other sites listed here are using this plugin.
Axiom There is a project to build a browser-based interface to this computer algebra system that uses jsMath to display the mathematics generated by Axiom. (See the axiom developer mailing list
Wikka This Wiki engine can be modified to use jsMath for displaying mathematics in the pages it generates. See its instruction page for how to do so.
Wacko Fork This seems to be a project to modify Wacko Wiki to include lots of enhancements, including a jsMath module. Here is a German site that uses it.
Poorman's CMS This is a bulletin board system from the University of Texas at Austin. A problem of the week seems to use jsMath.

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