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Examples of Extensions to TeX

Hypertext references:
    \href{link}{mathematics} $$\lim_{x\to0} {\sin x\over x} \href{extensions-a.html}{=} 1$$
Colored text:
    \color{color}{mathematics} $$ \color{red}{R} + \color{green}{G} + \color{blue}{B} \qquad \color{#FFAA33}{\sqrt{x^2+1}} $$
Bounding boxes:
    \bbox[border:CSS-border-specification]{mathematics} $$ \bbox[yellow,2pt]{\bbox[#AA80FF,2pt]{x+1}\over 1-x^2} + \int_0^1 \bbox[border:2px green dotted,2pt]{x^2+2x\,\strut}\,dx $$
Applying CSS styles:
    \style{CSS-styles}{mathematics} $$ 1 \over \style{background-color: #FFEEAA; padding: 0 2 0 4}{x^2} + 1 $$
Applying CSS classes:
    \class{CSS-class-name}{mathematics} $$ \sqrt{1-y\over \lower2pt{\class{framed}{\,x^2 + 1\,}}} $$
Access to any unicode character:
    \unicode{code-point}, e.g. \unicode{x211A} $$ n\in\unicode{x2124}\qquad a \mathrel{\unicode{x22B1}} b \qquad {\unicode{x0919} + 1\over 1 - \unicode{x092D}^2} $$

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