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Examples from the TeXbook (Chapter 17)

TeXbook p. 139
{1\over 2} \quad {n+1\over 3} \quad {n+1 \choose 3} \quad \sum_{n=1}^3 Z_n^2

{x+y^2\over k+1} \quad {x+y^2\over k} + 1 \quad x + {y^2\over k} + 1 \quad x+ {y^2 \over k+1} \quad x+y^{2\over k+1}

{{a \over b} \over 2} \quad {a \over {b \over 2}} \quad {a/b\over 2} \quad {a \over {b/2}}

TeXbook p. 143
{n\choose k} \quad {{n\choose k} \over 2}\quad {n \choose {k\over 2}}\quad {n\choose k/2} \quad {n\choose {1\over 2} k} \quad {1\over 2}{n\choose k} \quad \vcenter{\displaystyle {n\choose k} \over 2}

{p\choose 2}x^2y^{p-2} - {1\over 1-x} {1\over 1-x^2}

{\displaystyle {a\over b}\above1pt\displaystyle{c\over d}}

TeXbook p. 144
{\textstyle \sum x_n}\quad {\sum x_n} \quad \sum_{n=1}^m

{\textstyle\int_{-\infty}^{+\infty}} \quad \int_{-\infty}^{+\infty} \quad \int\limits_{0}^{\pi\over 2} \quad

TeXbook p. 145
\sum_{\scriptstyle 0\le i\le m\atop \scriptstyle 0 < j < n} P(i,j)\quad \sum_{i=1}^p\sum_{j=1}^q \sum_{k=1}^r a_{ij}b_{jk}c_{ki} \quad \sum_{{\scriptstyle 1\le i\le p \atop \scriptstyle 1\le j\le q} \atop \scriptstyle 1\le k\le r} a_{ij} b_{jk} c_{ki}


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