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Download TeX fonts for jsMath

NOTE: this page is for jsMath version 3.0 and above. If the fonts you are missing don't begin with "jsMath-", you should use the page for version 2.4b and below instead.

The jsMath package is designed to work best if you have installed the TeX font set. These are available in several choices of thickness; PC users will want to select a darker version (darkness of 25 is a good option) and Mac users will want to pick a ligher version (darkness of 10 is good). Linux users with Firefox 3.5 should use the last archive in the list, as the Linux version of Firefoex 3.5 can not process the non-standard encoding used in the other archives. You only need to downlaod ONE of the archives.

Download ONE of the following:


(The original BaKoMa versions of these fonts also are available
for those who prefer them, and for use with jsMath v2.x.)

For PC users: download and unpack the archive, then use the Font control panel in the Settings panel of the Start menu to install the fonts. (Someone at the University of New Hampshire has creatd detailed instructions for doing this. Thanks whoever you are! Note that these are for the BaKoMa version of the fonts, but the majority of the instructions still apply.)

For Mac OS X users: download and unpack the archive, then drag the fonts to your Library/Fonts folder (or to the FontBook, or just double-click them and press the "install" button).

For Unix users: download an unpack the archive, then place the .ttf files into your ~/.fonts directory. The fonts for unix users page gives some more information on how to do this, and how to make the fonts available to all users.

Once you install the fonts, be sure to restart your browser, as some browsers won't notice new fonts until the next time they are started. If you still get the missing-fonts message, check that the fonts are in the right place and start your browser again (the key font is cmex10; this is the one jsMath looks for).

If you do not have the TeX fonts installed, you can still use jsMath; it will fall back on using image versions of the TeX fonts. You can also select to use your unicode fonts to present the mathematics (see the information for jsMath users page for details). Your experience will be better if you use the TeX fonts instead of relying on the fall-back fonts, however.

Some web pages may require additional fonts. A number of other common TeX fonts are available on the extra fonts download page.

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