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Changes in Recent Versions of jsMath

Version 3.6e   (21 Mar 2010)

Version 3.6d   (17 Mar 2010)

Version 3.6c   (18 Aug 2009)

Version 3.6b   (31 Dec 2008)

Version 3.6a   (10 Oct 2008)

Version 3.6   (13 Sep 2008)

Version 3.5   (26 March 2008)

Version 3.4f   (5 November 2007)

Version 3.4e   (29 September 2007)

Version 3.4d   (30 August 2007)

Version 3.4c   (13 June 2007)

Version 3.4b   (11 May 2007)

Version 3.4a   (18 Apr 2007)

Version 3.4   (22 Mar 2007)

Version 3.3g   (17 Oct 2006)

Version 3.3f   (13 Oct 2006)

Version 3.3e   (14 Sep 2006)

Version 3.3d   (23 Aug 2006)

Version 3.3c   (25 July 2006)

Version 3.3b   (23 June 2006)

Version 3.3a   (19 May 2006)

Version 3.3   (11 May 2006)

This version introduces several new features that attempt to improve the rendering speed of jsMath via an equation cache that stores the typeset mathematics so that if the same equation appears again, the cached version will be used rather than reprocessing the equation a second time. This helps when the same equation is used several times on the same page. There is also a sub-expression cache that comes into play when expressions include common elements. See the author's page on the noCache plugin for details on how to control the cache.

By default, the equation cache is kept on a per-page basis, so it is cleared when you link to the next page. (This is due to security limitations imposed by the JavaScript language.) This version if jsMath includes a means of making the equation cache be persistent across pages via its new "Global Mode". You can turn on Global Mode using the "Go Global" button on the jsMath Control panel. See the Global Mode help page for the details of how to use Global Mode, the issues that it introduces, and how to deal with them.

The new Global Mode has necessitated another slight reorganization of the main control panel in order to accommodate the extra buttons that it needs. See the control panel documentation for the details on these.

For web-page authors, there are several new plugins for controlling the cache and global mode. These include the noCache, global and noGlobal plugins.

In addition to the changes listed above, this version includes the following modifications:

Version 3.2b   (21 Apr 2006)

This release includes a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 3.2a   (4 Apr 2006)

Additional changes in this version:

Version 3.2   (20 Mar 2006)

This release includes a number of bug fixes and some enhancements. Since there are more changes than usual, they are grouped by category below:

Browser-specific bug fixes

Changes related to styles and layout

Changes in font handling

Changes in TeX language processing

Version 3.1e   (14 Feb 2006)

Version 3.1d   (3 Feb 2006)

Version 3.1c   (27 Jan 2006)

Version 3.1b   (21 Jan 2006)

Version 3.1a   (13 Jan 2006)

Version 3.1   (9 Jan 2006)

Version 3.0   (14 Dec 2005)

This is a major release of jsMath, though the main differences are in the internals of how jsMath works, not in its features. The most significant change is in the method used to load auxiliary files into jsMath; the new method now allows jsMath to be more flexible about where it is loaded and where it is called within the document (in particular, the requirement that jsMath run within the body of the document has been removed). There are also several small improvements to the user-interface for jsMath, and some fixes for problems that with jsMath 2.x in Firefox 1.5.

While the jsMath user should not see much different with version 3.0 of jsMath compared to v2.4, web-page authors need to be aware of some important caveats related to the new script-loading method. Version 3.0 is not fully backward compatible with version 2.x in terms of its timing, and so you may need to adjust your existing pages if you have used more complicated jsMath calls. These issues are mentioned below, but full details are available in the author's documentation pages. See in particular the page on synchronizing with jsMath. The other author pages have been updated to correspond to version 3.0, so if you took example code from one of them, you should check to see if it has changed.

The major technical changes in this release include the following:

The jsMath user will notice a few minor changes to the user interface, including the following:

Finally, this version fixes a long-standing problem where multiple calls to jsMath.Process() would cause jsMath to become confused about what part of the page had already been processed. The new queuing method needed for the asynchronous file loading makes it easy to handle this circumstance properly.

The documentation has been revised to incorporate the new features of jsMath, and fix some errors. In particular, the author's documentation has been updated in a number of areas.

See also the list of changes in version 2.x.

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