Chaos Under Control

David Peak and Michael Frame

Material on this page supports the text Chaos Under Control, by David Peak ( and Michael Frame(, W. H. Freeman, 1994.


Five pieces of downloadable, executable Macintosh software.

TreenessEmerging (119K) - iterated function systems, deterministic and random algorithms, chaos game

TreenessEmerging Instructions

IterateAgainSam (114K) - one-dimensional dynamics, graphical iteration, histograms, time series, and bifurcation diagrams

IterateAgainSam Instructions

DesperatelySeekingChaos (117K) - data analysis by driven IFS, near returns, Kelly plots, and music.

DesperatelySeekingChaos Instructions

WaitingForMandelbrot (108K) - Mandelbrot and Julia sets

WaitingForMandelbrot Instructions

Cellabration (123K) - one- and two-dimensional cellular automata

Cellabration Instructions

Four Course syllabi we have used.

Six Labs exploring natural fractals, iterated function systems, dimension computations, one-dimensional dynamics, fractal analysis of data, and cellular automata.

A collection of Exercises and selected solutions

Movies to illustrate some fractal constructions.

Two sample student projects

A small collection of links