Placement Exam Use

All students who graduate from Union College must fulfill the College's Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning course requirement. Regardless of whether you decide to take one course or several, and no matter whether you take calculus or non-calculus courses, it is important to determine which math course is right for you to start with, and when you should take it.

For more than ten years, we have used the results of this placement exam, together with the information from the questionnaire, to determine the most appropriate courses for our incoming freshmen. Historically, this information has been a good indicator for a student's success in these courses.

Based on this information, we will recommend a course selection for your fall term, should you wish to take a math course then. We may suggest, however, that you wait rather than take it in the fall of your freshman year. This would be because your major does not require mathematics immediately and because, in the past, students who received a score similar to yours on the placement exam have benefitted from taking a term or two to settle into the rigors of college academic life before taking their first math course.

Once you take the exam, you will receive your course recommendation in your campus e-mail account when you arrive at Union in the fall.

Please contact if you experience technical difficulties.