Mean/Median Evolver Demonstration

Model:   Mean   Mediancentre
Manipulating Points
  • Click to add a point.
  • Drag a point to move it.
  • Double-click to delete a point.
  • Shift-click to increase weight at a point.
  • ALT-click to decrease weight at a point.
Controlling the Simulation
  • Click the red point to start the simulation.
  • ALT-click the background to stop the simulation.
  • Drag the red point to start the simulation at a different location.
  • Shift-drag the red point to move it without restarting the simulation.
  • Use the control panel to change the weight and friction values.
Transforming the Configuration
  • Shift-drag the background to translate the configuration.
  • Option-drag to scale the configuration around the red point.
  • Shift-Option-drag to rotate the configuration around the red point.
  • Shift-double-click the background to rescale to fit the window.
  • Drag the lower-right corner to resize the simulation window.
  • Option-drag the corner to resize and scale simultaneously.
  • ALT-double-click the background to clear all the points.
The Control Panel
  • Click the bar below the simulation to open or close the control panel.
  • Start, Step, and Stop control the simulation.
  • Clear resets the configuration to its initial configuration.
  • You can see and edit the Points in the configuration.
  • Use Set to change the points, Rescale to fit to the window.
  • The Position and Velocity of the red point are shown.
  • You can edit them (press return to make the change).
  • The Weight is for the red point relative to the blue ones.
  • The Friction tells how slippery the surface is (between 0 and 1).
  • The Model tells wether the red point finds the mean or the median.
  • Auto-Start starts the simulation whenever the red point is moved.
  • Auto-Restart restarts the simulation when the configuration changes.