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Hypertext Papers:

A Tight Polyhedral Immersion of the Real Projective Plane with One Handle
(Interactive hypertext paper by Davide P. Cervone)

The Geometry Center Reaches Out
(FOCUS article by Harvey Keynes and Rick Wicklin)

Laboratory Investigations:

Investigating Gravitation
(differential equations lab using DsTool)

The Center of Minnesota
(double integrals lab using Maple)

Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry

The Geometry Forum:

Selected Articles about Research:
Dendritic Growth: Crystals in the Plane
Automatic Groups: a Class of Groups Solving the Word Problem

Selected Articles About Software:
Science Museum Math Exhibit: Triangle Tilings
Geometry Games: Torus Chess, Hyperbolic Flight, and More

Selected Articles About Education:
World's Largest Icosahedron: a Class Project

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