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Treatment of Students:

In my dealings with students, both in- and outside the classroom, I try to treat them as adults, with respect and dignity. I think I make this plain at the very beginning of each term; for example, I try to learn their names in the first week, and, as a mark of respect, I call them "Mr." and "Ms." just as I expect them to call me Professor. This sets a certain tone that I think is important in the classroom; it shows that I will deal with them in a respectful way and that I expect they will treat the material seriously as well. I believe this has worked; it seems to add to their self-respect and they show a pride in their work that was not so apparent when I used first names.

My policies also show that I treat them as adults. For example, I do not take attendance, but rather expect them to come to class without having to threaten them with grade penalties. I talk about the two-part quizzes on the first day, and in particular how they relate to the collaboration policy. I urge them to consider how their actions define who they are as people, and what effect these actions have on me and their peers. I make it clear that I expect them to have the self-discipline to perform their work honorably and with integrity. Because I take their freedoms seriously, however, I take their responsibilities equally seriously; I require that they follow the policies that I have outlined and do not tolerate attempts to take advantage of them. When I treat them as adults, I expect they will act like adults in return. This is one of the lessons that will help prepare them for life after Union.

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