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The Geometry Center, University of Minnesota:

Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus, Fall '94 - Spring '95.
This is part of the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP), an accelerated program for advanced high-school students. The course, taught at the Geometry Center, met once a week for two hours, usually one hour of lecture and one of computer-based laboratory work. The students were assigned standard homework problems from the book, plus additional "mastery" problems that required them to extend or combine ideas from the class. A final project, to be completed over a several-week period, and including independent reading, research, and computer work, took the place of a final exam (several of the final projects are available on the Geometry Center's Web server). Two sections of the course were taught, one by me, one by Center post-doc Rick Wicklin.

Duties: Rick and I had complete control over the course curriculum, and we redesigned the material from the ground up. Central to this design was the use of computer-based lab materials and the mastery problems, which we also developed. There was a grader for each section, but we reviewed the mastery problems and lab write-ups before they were returned. We developed and graded the exams, and designed and supervised the independent student projects at the end of the semester.

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