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Math 29: Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations, Spring '92.
This is a traditional multi-variable calculus course that includes a brief introduction to differential equations. The Math 10/Math 29 sequence usually is taken by students who have had calculus in high-school, but who had some difficulty with it, so this course included review of topics such as vectors and vector algebra, and covered new topics at a slower pace and with more care than would normally be done for a better-prepared group. Topics included: the geometry of multi-variable and vector-valued functions and their derivatives, extrema of multivariable functions, the gradient vector, Lagrange multipliers, iterated and multiple integrals, curvilinear coordinates, mass and centroids, vector analysis, line integrals, and Green's theorem.

Duties: I taught one of three sections of this course, which met three times a week. The syllabus was set by the faculty coordinator for the course; however, I developed my own lecture materials. The homework and exams were common to all three sections, but I played an important role in developing them, and in grading the exams (there was a student grader for the homework), and assigned final course grades to students. In addition, I wrote numerous hand-outs that summarize the material, provided written solutions to selected homework problems, produced practice exams and solutions, and ran review sessions before exams.

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