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Para Além da Terceira Dimensão: Gallery Book

The physical recreation of the virtual art gallery included a professionally designed and printed gallery book, whose cover is shown here. A portion of the image "Klein Bottle" is used very effectively on the cover, and it became the signature piece for Para Além da Terceira Dimensão, appearing on posters, pamphlets, and other advertisements.

This 64-page booklet includes full-page reproductions of all the pieces that appeared in the art show, together with the descriptive text from the web site in both English and Portuguese. (Most of this text also appears in the article "An interactive gallery on the internet: 'Surfaces beyond the third dimension,'" [Skip].) A copy of the web site for the show [Link] is contained on a CD that is included at the back of the gallery book.

When the book went to press, however, Arte Numerica, the group in Portugal that was doing the technical work for the show, had not yet produced the high-resolution versions of the images that they were to use in the final prints for the exhibit. Unfortunately, this meant that they were forced to use low-resolution images in this book, and the pixelation is quite apparent. Also, there are a number of typographical errors in the English sections of the book (e.g., incorrect fonts not styles), though the Portuguese portions are more accurate in that respect. Thus an otherwise gorgeous production is marred by a few technical problems.

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