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Kim in Utrecht

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2005-06-25 03:16:53 Flower Ogling, part I Kim Plofker
2005-03-16 16:19:45 BBC-2 Airs "What the Ancients Did for Us: The Indians" (16 March 2005: UPDATE) Kim Plofker
2005-02-13 18:00:13 The Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich, and Other Treasures of Dutch Cuisine Kim Plofker
2005-01-22 16:10:52 Ten Days in India Kim Plofker
2004-11-25 18:11:55 Sinterklaas on the Party Barge Kim Plofker
2004-11-14 16:40:18 Learning Dutch Kim Plofker
2004-10-24 18:53:06 Living in the Netherlands: First Impressions Kim Plofker

(if you are Kim Plofker)

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