Interactive Pictures of the Polyhedral Solution:

These interactive pictures allow you to rotate the polyhedral object to any viewpoint. They are based on the Cyberview, an interactive 3D viewer for the World Wide Web, developed at the Geometry Center.

To use the interactive viewer, simply click on a portion of the object that you want to look at, and the picture will be updated so that the viewpoint looks straight at the face or edge that you select.

To rotate the picture in a particular direction, click in the background of the picture to the side (or top or bottom) of the picture where you want your new viewpoint to be; the farther to the side you click, the larger the rotation angle will be. Clicking at the very edge of the picture corresponds to a 90 degree rotation in that direction.

For example, to rotate the picture so that you are looking at it from what is currently its right-hand side, click at the far right-hand edge of the picture.

[More] Interactive view of the complete polyhedral surface
[More] Interactive view of the central projective plane

If you have Geomview installed on your system as an external viewer for Mosaic (there are instructions for this), then you can view these objects directly using Geomview. To do so, click on one of the following:

[More] The complete tight surface
[More] The central projective plane
[More] The complete surface with transparent convex envelope

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9/26/94 -- The Geometry Center