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Examples from the TeXbook (Chapter 18, continued)

TeXbook p. 166
F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2} \qquad n \ge 2

TeXbook p. 168
{\textstyle \int_0^\infty f(x)\,dx} \quad y\,dx-x\,dy \quad dx\,dy = r\,dr\,d\theta \quad x\,dy/dx

\int_1^x{dt\over t} \qquad

\int_0^\infty {t-ib\over t^2+b^2} e^{iat}\,dt = e^{ab} E_1(ab), \qquad a,b > 0

TeXbook p. 169
{55\rm\,mi/hr} \qquad {g=9.8\rm\,m/sec^2} \qquad {\rm 1\,ml = 1.000028\,cc}

(2n)!/\bigl(n!\,(n+1)!\bigr) \qquad {52!\over 13!\,13!\,26!}

\sqrt2\,x\quad \sqrt{\,\log x} \quad O\bigl(1/\sqrt n\,\bigr) \quad [\,0,1) \quad \log n\,(\log\log n)^2 \quad

\textstyle x^2\!/2 \quad n/\kern-1mu\log n \quad \Gamma_{\!2} + \Delta^{\!2} \quad R_i{}^j{}_{\!kl} \quad \int_0^x\!\int_0^y dF(u,v) \quad \displaystyle \int\!\!\!\int_D dx\,dy

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