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Examples from the TeXbook (Chapter 16)

TeXbook p. 130
\textstyle \sqrt{x+2}\quad \underline 4\quad \overline{x+y}\quad x^{\underline n}\quad x^{\overline{m+n}} \quad \sqrt{x^2+\sqrt{\alpha}}

\textstyle \root 3 \of 2 \quad \root n \of {x^n+y^n}\quad \root n+1 \of k

TeXbook p. 131, Exercise 16.7
\textstyle 10^{10}\quad 2^{n+1}\quad (n+1)^2\quad \sqrt{1-x^2}\quad \overline{w+\bar z}\quad p^{e_1}_1\quad a_{b_{c_{d_e}}}\quad \root 3 \of {h''_n(\alpha x)}

TeXbook p. 133
x\times y\cdot z \quad x\circ y\bullet z \quad x\cup y\cap z \quad x\sqcup y \sqcap z \quad x\vee y\wedge z \quad x\pm y\mp z
K_n^+, K_n^- \quad z^*_{ij} \quad g^\circ \mapsto g^\bullet \quad f^*(x)\cap f_*(y)
x = y > z \quad x:= y \quad x \le y \ne z \quad x\sim y\simeq z \quad x\equiv y \not\equiv z \quad x\subset y\subseteq z

TeXbook p. 135
\hat a \quad \check a\quad \tilde a \quad \acute a \quad \grave a \quad \dot a \quad \ddot a \quad \breve a \quad \bar a \quad \vec a

TeXbook p. 136
\widehat x, \widetilde x \quad \widehat{xy}, \widetilde{xy} \quad \widehat{xyz}, \widetilde{xyz}

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