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The verb Extension

This extension implements the \verb command, which allows you to produce verbatim text in your equations. That is, it does not interpret the TeX characters within the text you specify. The first (non-space) character after the \verb command is taken as the delimiter for the verbatim text, and everything up to the next instance of that character is displayed verbatim as part of the mathematics.

For example, x+\verb|\sqrt{2}| would display \(\require{verb}x+\verb|\sqrt{2}|\).

To activate the verb extension, add "extensions/verb.js" to the loadFiles array in your easy/load.js file:

    loadFiles: ["extensions/verb.js"],

If you are using the autoload plugin rather than easy/load.js, you can set the jsMath.Autoload.loadFiles array to include "extensions/verb.js" in order to have the extension loaded automatically when jsMath is needed.

If you are loading jsMath.js by hand rather than using easy/load.js or the autoload plugin, then include the command

in your HTML file after loading jsMath. Alternatively, you can use
    <SPAN CLASS="math">
to activate the extension from within the typeset mathematics itself.

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Created: 20 Mar 2006
Last modified: 13 Sep 2008 08:38:54
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