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The mimeTeX plugin

Some authors who have been using programs like mimeTeX to generate images for their pages on the fly may find it convenient to use jsMath instead, as there is no need to generate images using jsMath. This is particularly convenient for bulletin-board systems or blogs, as it simplifies the installation, since you don't have to have mimeTeX installed and working on the server.

Some of the commands processed by mimeTeX are not standard TeX commands, and it treats others in a somewhat non-standard way, so if you have been using mimeTeX and wish to convert to jsMath, you may find that jsMath does not handle some of your previous content.

The mimeTeX plugin for jsMath can help make this transition smoother. It implements many of the extra commands from mimeTeX, and converts others to work more like how mimeTeX does. It is not perfect, but goes a long way toward making jsMath compatible with mimeTeX input.

One major limitation is that jsMath does not implement the LaTeX picture environment (which is available in mimeTeX), so jsMath will not be able to display content that contains mimeTeX pictures.

To use the mimTeX plugin, include the line

    <SCRIPT> jsMath.Setup.Script("plugins/mimeTeX.js") </SCRIPT>
just after the command that loads jsMath.js itself. No other modifications are needed to make the mimeTeX commands available to the mathematics processed by jsMath.

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Created: 10 Jul 2005
Last modified: 02 Dec 2005 13:00:45
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