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The autobold Extension

This extension allows jsMath to detect when mathematics appears within <B>...</B> tags (or in a region where the CSS styles have set font-weight:bold) and will automatially apply the \boldsymbol command to the mathematics. The result should be that mathematics will respect the HTML bolding automatically.

Since the \boldsymbol extension requires the cmmib10 and cmbsy10 fonts, which are not part of the basic fonts distributed with jsMath, you will need to install those fonts before using the autobold extension. See the boldsymbol documentation for more details.

To activate the autobold extension, add "extensions/autobold.js" to the loadFiles array in your jsMath/easy/load.js file:

    loadFiles:  ["extensions/autobold.js"],

If you are using the autoload plugin instead of easy/load.js, you can set the jsMath.Autoload.loadFiles array to include "extensions/autobold.js" in order to have the extension loaded automatically when jsMath is needed.

If you are loading jsMath.js by hand rather than using easy/load.js or the autoload plugin, then include the command

in your HTML file after loading jsMath. Alternatively, you can use
    <SPAN CLASS="math">
to activate the extension from within the typeset mathematics itself.

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Created: 20 Mar 2006
Last modified: 13 Sep 2008 08:36:12
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