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The AMSmath Extension

The amsmath AMS-LaTeX package implements a number of macros and environments that are not not built into jsMath by default. The AMSmath extension to jsMath makes many of these available to you within your web pages.

If you are using the easy/load.js file, add "extensions/AMSmath.js" to the loadFiles array

    loadFiles: ["extensions/AMSmath.js"],
in order to active the AMSmath extension. If you are using the autoload plugin instead of easy/load.js, you can set the jsMath.Autoload.loadFiles array to include "extensions/AMSmath.js" in order to have the extension loaded automatically when jsMath is needed.

If you are loading jsMath.js by hand rather than using easy/load.js or the autoload plugin, then include the command

in your HTML file after loading jsMath. Alternatively, you can use
    <SPAN CLASS="math">
to load the AMS extensions from within your typeset mathematics itself.

The AMSmath extension defines the following macros:

and the following environments:

Most of the remaining amsmath macros are already available in jsMath (including the various over- and underarrows, the various matrix macros, and \boldsymbol).

The various symbols in the msam10 and msbm10 fonts are defined in the AMSsymbols extension. The AMSmath extension does not load this automatically because the symbols require that you install those two fonts on your server; since not every installation makes them available, you must load the AMSsymbols extension explicitly if you want to use the AMS symbol fonts.

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Created: 20 Mar 2006
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