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Information for jsMath v2.x Authors

Using jsMath to present mathematics in your own web pages is not hard. First, obtain the jsMath package from the download page and unpack it on your server, then begin with the jsMath Basics link. For more details and information about using the more advanced features of jsMath, read the additional links below.

Getting Started
jsMath Basics
Loading jsMath
Specifying Mathematics
Processing the Mathematics
The tex2math plugin
The mimeTeX plugin
The autoload plugin
Customizing jsMath
Changing or removing the font warnings
Changing the font size or other attributes
Changing the jsMath button attributes
Changing the jsMath button-click attributes
Changing other jsMath attributes
Adjusting multiple jsMath parameters
Adding fonts to jsMath
Defining macros for jsMath
Advanced Topics
Using jsMath without image fonts
Processing only part of a web page
Dynamic mathematics using jsMath
Loading jsMath in the document HEAD
Adding jsMath to a blog or bulletin-board system
Overriding jsMath functions with your own versions
Making your own jsMath fonts

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