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Course Text Philosophy:

Our course text does not always cover the material in the order or with the precision that I prefer, so you will find that I do not follow the book slavishly. My definitions and notation may differ somewhat from the book's, and you should try to be aware of those differences when you read the book. To help make it easier for you, I have listed the sections of the book that correspond to the material that I have listed in the course outline.

Periodically, I will assign reading from the book. Sometimes this is to prepare you for the material we will cover in the next class, so the reading will include material new to you. Other times it will be to give you a different approach from mine, or to provide you with additional examples. Still other times it will be to fill in some details that we don't have time to cover in class. In all cases, the reading will be important and will contain material not covered in class. You are still responsible for this material even though I may not discuss it explicitly in class. This reading is not optional.

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