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Homework on 6 September 2017:

  1. Use a web browser to view the Math 115H web site that is linked to my home page at http://www.math.union.edu/locate/Cervone/. Save a bookmark to the Math 115 site (if you are not using a public computer). Review all the links from that page, particularly the goals, philosophy, and policies. You are responsible for knowing this material. (You do not need to read everything linked to my home page, only the pages that are part of the Math 115H web site and the "advice to students" section).
  2. Log into the WeBWorK server and change your password (currently it is your student ID), and then do the "orientation" problem set. This will get you to be familiar with the WeBWorK system and how it works. Note that problem 10 of the Orientation deals with vectors; this is a topic we will cover during the course, but many of you have already seen them. If you haven't dealt with vectors before, skip the parts of this problem that you can't do. Be sure to log into your own account, not a guest account, and not a friend's account. If you don't use your account, you will not get credit for the assignment.
  3. (Not to be turned in) You will need to use the derivative formulas that you learned in Math 110 and Math 112 (or Math 113 or in an AP calculus course in high school) frequently during this course. Write out for yourself a list of all the important rules. It should include: the power rule, the product rule, the quotient rule, the chain rule, the trigonometric rules, and the exponential rules. You will find this list a useful reference during the latter half of the course.

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