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Notebook Policy:

I will place a notebook outside my office that contains information pertinent to this course. This will include copies of exams, homework assignments, computer printouts, example solutions, etc. that I hand out during the class. I also will place copies of the best homework assignments, quiz solutions, and exam problems into this notebook, so you can use these for examples of how to solve the problems. You should check this regularly after each assignment, so you can see correct answers to the problems. When you come in to see me about a past homework or quiz problem, I will expect that you have reviewed the solutions that are in the notebook, and the printed comments that I have handed out to the class.

In past terms, students have not made as much use of this notebook as I think they should. Since there will be solutions to all the turned-in material in this notebook, it is an important resource for you. Please be sure to use it when you have questions about a problem. Note, however, that the outer door to the room where the notebook is kept is closed and locked at night, so it is best to come during normal business hours.

Please be considerate about this notebook. In several previous terms, someone stole the notebook just before exams, and that disturbs me greatly. It is there for everyone, and is supposed to be a resource for the class. If similar problems occur this term, I will simply stop making the notebook available. Don't spoil it for everyone.

You should not remove the notebook from the common area for any reason. Some students want to take the notebook in order to photocopy it for their records, but you should not do so. That is not the purpose for the book. It is far better for you to read the material in the book and to take notes based on that. The act of interpreting the material and selecting the important parts is a crucial one in the learning process. If you simply copy the pages and stick them into your notebook, or take a picture with your phone, you are unlikely to really use them later. Even if you do read through them, the effect is not nearly the same as writing out the important parts yourself.

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