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Homework on 6 September 2017:

  1. Use a web browser to view the Math 100 web site that is linked to my home page at http://www.math.union.edu/locate/Cervone/. Save a bookmark to this page (if you are not using a public computer). Review all the links from this page, particularly the goals, philosophy and policies. You are responsible for knowing this material. (You do not need to read everything linked to my home page, only the pages that are part of the Math 100 web site and the "advice to students" section).
  2. Read the first 5 pages of Appendix F available on the web in preparation for tomorrow's class (F1 through "Unions and Intersections of Intervals", skipping he material on complex numbers).
  3. Log into the WeBWorK server and change your password (currently it is your student ID), and then do the "Orientation" problem set. This will get you to be familiar with the WeBWorK system and how it works.

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